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Innovation meets tradition.

Monalp AG, founded in 2019, is a Swiss company that mobilized value creation with its mobile infrastructure. The company has been inactive since spring 2023.


Monalp rented and sold mobile infrastructures including the associated devices. On the alp - where there was previously no infrastructure - excess, high-quality milk was processed in the mobile cheese dairy. The result was and is tasty and hand-made cheese products. This created a new value chain.


Monalp supported the alpine farmers and cheese makers by taking over the logistics and selling cheese products to retailers and directly to consumers such as the online shop


The team hit the nail on the head with the idea. The demand for the mobile cheese dairies was overwhelming and encouraging - also thanks to the media coverage. Then Corona came. The following delivery bottlenecks meant that demand could not be met. In addition, no suitable partner could be found for the expansion.


These circumstances meant that the operational business areas were discontinued in spring 2023 for an indefinite period. But the idea behind Monalp doesn't go away entirely. On the Alp Meeren, high above the Walensee, the dairymen continue to produce famous alpine cheese in the first developed container. And the Christen family from Vazerol continue to run the container business, including cheese production.


The Monalp team stepped up in a difficult market environment to make a contribution. A contribution to new value chains, to security of supply, to the preservation of the traditional profession of cheesemaker, and against food waste (alp milk). 

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